JF Enterprises is a fully licensed and insured freight brokerage firm headquartered in Augusta, GA, with offices in McAllen, TX, and Atlanta, GA. We assist clients with the transportation of goods throughout the continental United States and Canada. We believe our commitment to customer service, our network of carriers, and our knowledge of the industry sets us apart from other transportation and logistics brokers. At JF Enterprises, we are committed to being more than a freight broker. At JF Enterprises, we are committed to being your freight partner.


JF Enterprises grew out of our founder’s own need for customer service-oriented freight brokerage options. He started his career in the produce industry. Due to the sensitive nature of produce, he needed freight carriers who were committed to excellence, yet he found his high standards were often unmet. Over time, he developed his own fleet network, driven by an honest, “make it right” approach and unmatched standards for customer service, and JF Enterprises was born.


JF Enterprises serves clients across a variety of industries. Don’t take on the liability or stress associated with hiring a carrier and managing the pickup and delivery process. Let JF Enterprises be your single point of contact for your freight hauling needs. When you choose JF Enterprises for your hauling needs, you can trust us to get your goods where they need to be.

We haul the following goods:

Dry goods, including:
Machine parts
Other dry goods

Perishable goods, including:
Fresh and frozen meat
Fresh and frozen seafood
Alcoholic beverages
Other refrigerated goods


JF Enterprises offers both truckload and LTL (less-than-truckload) carrier options, including run reefer.

At JF Enterprises, we are committed to being your freight partner.